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Camping Mussalo located in the municipality of Taivassalo marine environment. The area includes the varied terrain; grass, trees and rocky seashore in total. 2.8 ha. Camping Mussalo is open daily and serve as a general camping area 1.6. – 31.8. During the period when the region is host every day on call. The area is at other times of the SFC Agreement area and is open on weekends from Easter to the end of May and from September to the end of October.

Visitors will consist as a rule of domestic tourism vehicles at leisure tourists but also foreign guests visit, particularly in August.

The highly popular Archipelago Trail will bring your visitor group. Mainly amounts of cyclists and campers more diverse every year, and also have camping Canoe trips Mussalo accommodation and service destination.

Camping Mussalo belong to the Caravan Huiput chain, that will guarantee you a high quality service. Caravan Huiput areas are 16 in Finland.

Old Schoolhouse accommodation rooms for rent for visitors. There are four rooms; three double rooms and one triple room. Room rates are on page Price list. The rooms and accommodations are non-smoking and pets are prohibited.

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